The Rider Adapts: RTIC 30 oz. Tumbler Review

I am a coffee drinker. I drink coffee a lot. I had been taking my coffee to work in a 40 oz. Thermos and drinking most of it, but noticed over time that the coffee didn’t stay very hot, just warm, and pouring it out of my Thermos into a coffee cup sapped even more heat from the coffee.

I looked into YETI tumblers. Erm. I am not made of money. I found some alternatives, and also found that drinkware of YETI is made in China, similar to competitors. RTIC drinkware is also made in China. Pretty much all the stainless steel drinkware I could find in a price range I could stomach is made in China.  Can’t win ’em all. Yes, YETI is Austin-based. Well, RTIC is Houston-based. I began seeing a lot of similarities between YETI and RTIC, but the price of the RTIC drinkware was half the cost of YETI drinkware. There are even other USA-based options like Bison or Klean Kanteen, but again, the drinkware, specifically the stainless steel tumblers I sought out, are made in China.


I bought the RTIC 30 oz. tumbler and haven’t looked back.

It fits in my vehicle’s cupholders. It keeps my coffee hot. The lid the tumbler comes with is NOT spill-proof, but splash-proof lids are available separately, as well as the metal straws and handles. It’s been working beautifully for the few weeks that I have had it. It is not dishwasher safe, so that may be a downside for some people.


The important take-away here is that my coffee stays hot. All 30 oz. of it. That I drink every day. For a more economical YETI alternative, I, without reservations, recommend the RTIC tumblers.

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  1. I have the $10 knockoff Walmart version of the Yeti/RTIC (I believe it’s an Ozark Trail?), and I recently acquired a no-name teal version from a farm store. I love these! In the summer they’re fabulous if you’re working/riding outside — mine has held ice for well over 24 hours even when I bring it along to buck hay in 100+ temps 😀 I’ve also been eyeballing some vinyl decals to personalize my silver one a little more.

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  2. I am looking into an RTIC cooler for my husbands birthday. I have a YETI 30 oz Tumbler, but I paid less then retail for it on eBay. I do like it, but wouldn’t pay full price. I use plastic straws that are Tervis brand with mine. Glad to see a positive review for RTIC!

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