My Favorite Exercise


Saturday’s lesson consisted of taking Eli through what is possibly my most favorite exercise — a 2-stride X-to-vertical to a 2-stride vertical-to-oxer, both set at 30′, to be taken from a forward trot or a collected canter. Eli has no choice but to back off the jumps at least a little, and must jump from the base, around the jump. No flingy, gappy, flat jumping here. If the exercise had an oxer instead of a vertical at the second element, I’d probably open up the second 2-stride by about 3 or 4 feet … which I kind of want to do now next Saturday!

I also tried something a little different, and something that goes against every ounce of my knowledge related to riding in the jumper ring: I lengthened my reins. And it worked fairly well. Seriously, it felt a little weird after basically 3 decades of having someone yelling “S H O R T E N your REINS!” at you all the time. My reins were not long by any means, but longer than usual, with a minuscule feel, and Eli pretty much loved it.

2 to 2 grid from patentlybay on Vimeo.

My trainer and I agreed to work out the longer reins tactic through a few different grids first, mainly for me, and then try it with courses in a few weeks.

I schooled in my Romfh Sarafina breeches in White Sand and the EIS American Cool shirt for a clean look and sun protection.

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  1. I’ve always ridden with super short reins, which usually meant that my elbows weren’t bent lol. I’ve been trying longer reins recently too (and bending my elbows!) and it feels so awkward and I feel so out of control, haha.
    Nice ride over the grid ๐Ÿ™‚ That oxer intimidates me ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

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  2. Periodically I like to school with “longer” reins to remind myself to go to my body first to change something. Stretch up to slow down, turning with my core instead of just my hands, etc.

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