An In-and-Out and a Teeth Float

Pokey shuffle trot. I could have gone for a spur.

Eli still had a pending dental appointment on Monday when Saturday rolled around, so I didn’t want to do too much over fences. I didn’t even use the High Jump or a running martingale. He stayed remarkably quiet in light of the weather, a much cooler fall-like day finally! My trainer mentioned he played really, really hard for a long time in turnout the day before, so I think that’s all where his tractable demeanor came from.

in and out from patentlybay on Vimeo.

Too quiet of you ask me, but at least I got to work on me a little.


Sunday warmed up and the sun came out. I tried to work on Eli’s walk — now, I realize I have said in the past I don’t mess with his walk and that’s true, I don’t. He walks great on a long rein. But trying to get him to walk with a little more contact …. eh, we are a long way from doing it very well at all. I will probably go back to not working on it.

His vet floated his teeth on Monday, and though I usually don’t care to watch, I did peek in Eli’s mouth before they got started to see how it looked because of the missing tooth. He’s got a gap, and then the tooth in the lower jaw grew up a bit more because there is nothing above to wear it down. I got an okay picture of the gap, but couldn’t get one of the lower tooth because of the angle. He’s all good now, and the vet said he’d re-check him in six months to see how that lower tooth is doing.


You can see the gap? This is BEFORE his teeth were floated. I then left, because oi, that noise is not pleasant. I am looking forward to riding Eli this evening. We are having brilliant Texas October weather right now, and the sunsets have been epic!

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  1. He looked nice through the in n out

    Every time I load your page I see your leg in that pic and I make a mental note, that’s what my leg needs to look like. Thanks for the constant reminder! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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