Fall Equestrian Fashion: The Practical Wish List

Do I want things like Tuccis and a Winston show jacket that are out of my price range right now? Yes. But do I want a few other, more realistic things to augment my fall riding wardrobe? Yes! Look at the things! The One Horse Threads tee is non-negotiable.

ohtbaysOne Horse Threads makes all the cute tees and sweatshirts. Do I really have to explain why I want this one?

There is always room in my closet for Asmar Equestrian. Some of it is beyond the reach of my wallet, but a convertible polo in merlot could find its way from Canada to me, maybe.


Next, here’s a brand that I have been following for a while, although I haven’t laid my hands on any of it in person. I’d be very interested to try some of RΓΆnner Design’s pieces, as the look and style is right up my “old world elegance meets the modern equestrian” alley.


Yeah, I’d take any and all of it! Especially those slip on loafers …

Okay, time to get practical for real. Winter weather in Texas isn’t too bad, but it can get wet and dreary for days at a stretch. Enter the Romfh Trainer Trench. And it comes in Spruce, to match my Spruce Sarafinas.


The likelihood of this acquisition is high.Β  I don’t have any riding-in-the-rain wear, so this is a legitimate need.

Last, I don’t have paddock boots. Yeah, I know, crazy, right? I blew through a pair of Blundstones in the space of 10 years … so based on that kind of durability, I’d like another pair. Perhaps these?


Are there any riding wardrobe wish list items that you think you’ll be pulling the add-to-cart & buy trigger on this fall?

31 thoughts on “Fall Equestrian Fashion: The Practical Wish List

  1. Noble Outfitters has last years cowl sweatshirt marked down to 27.99 and I love the purple one I bought last year, so I’m definitely hitting buy on the wine colored one tomorrow after I get paid. I wore the purple one so much last year that having two seems perfectly reasonable. πŸ˜‰

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  2. Love the trench and I have loved all of my one horse tees. I have an Asmar all weather coat that I hope to get to use more this fall and in the spring. It’s not quite warm enough for the middle of winter.

    I have grabby hands over lots of things but mostly Breeches!

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  3. I actually don’t own paddock boots either. Glad to know I’m not alone! Since I rarely have to do anything really icky like mucking stalls these days, I just wear my tall boots for all riding, and my Sperry’s or sneakers for miscellaneous barn chores.

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  4. I have an ongoing love affair with all things Hunt Club- I love the look, and I love that it’s a young woman equestrian running the business.
    I also tend to get grabby hands whenever someone posts a list like this because I want ALL the pretty things haha

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  5. I want the convertible polo so. badly. I walked by it in the store yesterday but refrained from trying it on. That’s my only hope, DO NOT TRY ON. Gah, it’s so pretty tho, the loooong sleeves with the cuff. ❀
    Also the Spruce Sarafinas, and I will also need them in white.

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  6. I love Ronner… I don’t have any of their items personally, but they just started carrying it in my local feed store (which is more like a high-end tack shop aka out of my price range!), so I have to avoid the place so I can keep some control over my wallet!


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