Weenie Wednesday: Conrad’s Sweaters: A Retrospective

Sweater weather looms distantly in the future here — usually shows up around Halloween? I have posted things like this before, but who’s gonna stop me now? Conrad models sweaters so perfectly and professionally (kind of). I like to review his wardrobe periodically to give away stuff that doesn’t fit his ever-plumping weenie bod and see what new things I can add. So here’s some of what he has donned in the past!

lurkerThe skull sweater is my current fave.

skullHe also has a scarf in this season’s hot color, merlot …

scarfHow do I manage to not feed him all the cookies?!?!?

bluestripeblueandgreenmooseyscarletandtanrainbowsweaterI think we did have to give away the marled technicolor sweater because Conrad got too swole.

momsweaterturqandgreySo next I’m perusing the Chilly Dog sweaters to see which one I might get Conrad for the holidays. I’m thinking either this one or this one. Or both.

18 thoughts on “Weenie Wednesday: Conrad’s Sweaters: A Retrospective

  1. SWEATER SEASON!!! It’s good for everyone. I like the blue striped. And the stylish scarf. And the one with the antlers. And the teal and grey stripe.
    And whatever you do, PLEASE buy him the bunny hoodie.


  2. Sweater weather is my favorite weenie weather! Mine used to despise sweaters until they figured out how warm they were wearing them — now my girls will bother you if they feel it’s cold and they want sweaters πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Ž


      • Mine have learned to tolerate the sweaters but I had custom waterproof coats made for them one year and every time I put them on the would just roll over on their backs and lie there and refuse to walk. I feel like booties would get the same reaction….haha. dramatic little badger dogs….

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  3. So cute!! My half wiener dog has a few hoodies that he sort of tolerates. I might need to add a few sweaters to his collection, he gets cold really easily in the winter.


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