Friday Fails *UPDATED*

Two things didn’t work out as expected at the show …

My PS of Sweden brow band kept sliding down on the left side, and something that looks like rust or other oxidation leached from the metal Ogilvy button insignia on the baby pad I bought specifically for shows. Thanks to orange-y staining, the pad is no longer in show condition. This has not happened to my other white baby pad with the metal insignia. I am tempted to spot clean it with diluted bleach, but I worry about damaging the material and bleach residue irritating Eli.

Minor malfunctions can be majorly aggravating!

Brow band issue:


I think if I can get the brow band shoved up into place better, it won’t slip. The humidity wasn’t helping. My other PS of Sweden brow band doesn’t slip, though.

Ogilvy issue:


The Ogilvy thing bothers me more than the brow band, primarily because I think the Ogilvy baby pads are the holy grail of baby pads. But if horse sweat causes a rust problem around the metal insignia? Ugh, come on, horses are going to sweat, that has to be a design consideration. I am going to try again, order a new show baby pad or maybe the profile pad instead, and hope the same thing doesn’t happen again. If it does, I will draw Ogilvy’s attention to the issue and go from there.

OGILVY UPDATE!!! (added at 10am Central DST 9/16/16)

I contacted Ogilvy this morning at the prompting of many people about the rust issue. I got an immediate response, explanation of a defect with the stud that has since been corrected, and assurance that my baby pad would be replaced. This, in my mind, is excellent customer service, and other companies could look to Ogilvy to know how to run a business the right way. Ogilvy already had my loyalty because of the quality and effectiveness of their products. After this experience, Ogilvy has cemented my devotion for life. Great company, great product, and great customer service!

17 thoughts on “Friday Fails *UPDATED*

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  1. Man that’s annoying with the baby pad, mine hasn’t done that either. I’d def email Ogilvy, seems like a defective one. As far as the browband sliding down, put a braiding band under the bottom edge of where the browband should sit. You can hide the band under the browband, and it’ll stop it from sliding down.

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    1. Oh sweet, I’ll try that with the browband.

      I do think there must be some kind of defect with the baby pad, because none of my other ones have this issue that I can tell. They aren’t all white, but the other white one hasn’t done this.


  2. I would definitely be emailing Ogilvy about that pad! It should not be doing that! Definitely a defect. None of my pads have ever done that and I ride religiously in them. Profile pads, but they are all the same quality.

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  3. I was going to suggest contacting Ogilvy, because they have super amazing fantastic customer service, but it looks like you already did that. When I got my half pad, customs had stabbed a hole right down the side, and Ogilvy sent me a brand new one, with rushed processing and shipping, at no extra cost. If nothing else, that will guarantee I am a loyal customer until I find a horse their pads just don’t work for.

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  4. Yeah those little things can add up and be super distracting at a show. I’m glad that you reached out about the baby pad and got such a quick and helpful response. Love to learn which compaies have great customer service!

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