Show Outfit on a Budget

What does it take to look like a million bucks at your next show? Approximately $500. Including the tall boots. No, for real! Other than the tall boots, which you could arguably wear for more than just show use, everything on this list is under $100.


Photo by Heather N. Photography

Le Fash long sleeve sport shirt in navy plaid, NWT eBay find, $80

Romfh Lexington breeches in white, $96

Ariat Heritage field boots in brown, $289

Reockl gloves in brown, $45

Fossil belt in gold, $26

I consider the helmet equipment and not attire, so it’s not counted in the total.

Total show outfit = $536

I am sure many of you can put together a fantastic show outfit for even less. What’s been the best deal you’ve gotten on a great piece of show attire?

Also, please understand, I don’t consider $500 an insignificant sum. That’s a fair chunk of change for most people, including me, but in terms of how high prices can get on any given piece of riding attire I think $500 is a reasonable budget for a show outfit, especially if you are getting multiple, even daily, uses out of some of it.

36 thoughts on “Show Outfit on a Budget

  1. I love scouring eBay, Amazon, Facebook and tack stores’ closeouts for good deals! Not too long ago I ended up getting a short sleeve Equine Couture short sleeve show shirt on Amazon for $12, an Ariat Sunstopper show shirt for $49, and a lightly used FITS long sleeve show shirt for $45. Then I sold an EIS sunshirt and a short sleeve show shirt to offset the cost a bit and ended up with a total refresh of my show wardrobe for about $55-60 total. I love a great deal!

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  2. The best deal I’ve ever gotten was when I paid $75 for the Spooks coat I wore for this weekend’s show. The shop I bought it from was clearing out their Spooks inventory. Thank you Amanda!

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  3. Love bargain shopping for show clothes. I don’t think I’ve paid full price for any of my show stuff. I got a fantastic deal off Tack Of The Day on a FITS Zephyr hunt coat, which is wonderfully cool. I also am a big fan of the Romfh breeches–keep an eye on Horseloverz, they often have really good deals, and usually if you buy 2, it’s enough to qualify for free shipping 😉

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