Holiday Weekend Productivity

earsandtailNothing like not being at work to get shit done. The rain has been a significant frustration, but the arenas and the turnouts were all in good condition, so Eli got his “me” time and we had some very good rides over the last few days. The rain came back, so Monday we only walked around the fields and took just a few trot steps. But before this, Eli and I had a really good lesson on Saturday, and I am a little sad I didn’t get media. I can tell he feels 100% again, almost with too much power in his hind end (at least for me, ha.). Given the way the week started, I had zero expectations of anything working out for the best, except it really all did.

redsunsetMy hope is that the rain holds off this week, but with a horse show imminent who knows. I am also pleased to report that Eli seems to have a regular appetite now that supplements are no longer marring his victuals. This is the first picky eater I have owned and the struggle is a mighty one. He also approves of the Probios soft chews, so I will probably review those soon. He was completely skeptical of the first one I tried to give him, but he has warmed up to them and eats them like he eats apples or Mrs. Pastures. I think the texture confuses him a bit.

eyeofthebeholderI have Tuesday as a built-in day off for Eli, but that could change with the forecast. Rides being the biggest factor, but one more thing that has improved my overall mood is the return of football. Although that has already gone slightly downhill, as I am a Dallas fan. However, UT emerged triumphant after double overtime on Sunday night, so that’s a much better start to the season for my college team than I had ever imagined–I don’t yet drink the Charlie Strong Kool-Aid, but the team does look much better this year. At least, so far.

9 thoughts on “Holiday Weekend Productivity

  1. I feel you on the return of football! It was delightful to have the entire weekend filled with games, as football season is my favorite time of year 🙂 Also, mad props to your ‘Horns for handling (the always overrated) Notre Dame!

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  2. Can’t wait to see you guys at the show this weekend, assuming it doesn’t rain like crazy which seems to be the MO for this venue so who knows. Eli is so photogenic that even without lesson media, at least you still have pretty pictures of your pony!

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