Déjà vu

Alternate title: there is nothing new under the sun. I’ll try not to get too shoe-gaze-y.


Seriously … schooling show coming up, busy with work busyness, weather not cooperating … all this needs is random swelling below the hocks or knees on Eli’s part and this is basically my life three or four times a year.  Add to that some additional strife at work that has resulted in being short-staffed for a time, back-to-school traffic, and the fact that I still haven’t cleaned Eli’s winter wear (why is this even stressing me out?) and I am overcooked. I am sure there are many gifs out there to convey all of this, but I am not putting much energy into anything right now so when things blow up in my face the explosion will be small.

Monday: Didn’t ride. Started raining right as I got off work, kept raining while I was at the barn.

Tuesday: Didn’t ride, even though the footing was okay, my health was not.

Wednesday: Rained again right as I left work. Tried to ride anyway in the field and made it work for 10 minutes before Eli made it clear he wanted to buck a lot, then after I dismounted he tried to run me over whilst huffing and snorting at a far-off goat, so we had numerous discussions for the remainder of the evening about every foot he put wrong on the ground.

And this is all after weeks of sporadic riding at best.

Thursday: I could see the sky threatening as I left work, and just knew as soon as I hiked up to the barn the skies would drop their wrath on me. Nothing puts me in a fouler mood than devoting 11 hours of my day to something that affords me the ability to enjoy 3 hours of my day, and then not being able to enjoy those 3 hours. Fortunately, the skies benevolently protected me from the sun without spewing more torrential rains. The bugs weren’t even that bad. I let Eli out in the round pen for a while and wondered how hot he would be after a week of little work and almost no turnout. He kind of just wandered around and nibbled grass.


Thursday kicked off dove season, though, so we did have to contend with gun shots. They startled Eli at first, but I reassured him and he ignored them after that. I tacked him up and worked on one end of the large arena on an oval-y circle mostly at the trot. I could feel his tension and distraction, but he paid attention to me for the most part and didn’t overreact to my leg. I cantered just a little bit each way and called the day a victory. Holy hell, I felt so much better after one ride.


Ah, but yes, there are still problems. The primary one being Eli is on hunger strike because of his supplements. He won’t just eat around the supplements. He just doesn’t eat. I have regularly at this point cleaned his breakfast out of his feed tub and replaced it with fresh grain sans supplements that he eats heartily.  But the supplements are what make him eligible for the SmartPak ColiCare program, which is a nice bit of peace of mind. SO … I am horse insurance shopping and requesting samples from various supplement brands and trying pro-biotic horse treats with the intention of severing ties with SmartPak because my horse is a melodramatic, picky bastard. And hates banana-flavored anything–I definitely smell essence of banana when I smell his SmartPaks. To everyone who offered insurance recommendations in response to my Facebook question, thank you!!

Friday has improved my mood greatly, on top of actually getting a ride in last night. The only way to undo overcooking is to start fresh. Every once in a while, I let a rough week get to me, but the feelings never last. This holiday weekend is just what I need right now.


15 thoughts on “Déjà vu

  1. I commented on your fb post as well, but I will highly recommend Broadstone insurance. I have it for Roger, and it gives you SUCH peace of mind…especially for a horse that tries to injure himself on the daily. The customer service is fantastic, and I wanna say I pay around $375ish for the year? Your rate will vary though, but I can’t say enough good things about Broadstone! They are underwritten by The Hartford, in case that makes a difference.

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  2. ugh i know that feeling too. i get real upset when i work super hard to do this thing i love… only to be thwarted by factors outside my control. eli is such a pro tho – you guys are gonna be great at the show!


  3. I know rain tends to give people the doldrums as it is, but man I have been super bummed out and feeling out of sorts since it started thanks to lack of pony time. And I totally feel you on the picky horse thing. One of our babies refuses to eat his food if we mix it with his beet pulp, and he often decides not to eat the separate beet pulp too, so a lot of food gets dumped. It’s frustrating that the horse loses weight, but also because that’s expensive!

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