Should We Talk About the Weather?


So green here for August — so surreal! Really, I cannot convey to you how rare rain in August is in this area, and to have an overabundance of it blows my mind. I still get Eli moving for a few hours a day even with no real turnout available until the ground dries out a little. Hand-walking, grazing, walking under saddle, round pen time all together seem to be keeping Eli from going completely nuts.

roll from patentlybay on Vimeo.

I actually got in a fairly decent ride in the fields on Saturday, although Eli’s expressiveness ramps up by the day the longer he goes without real turnout, his “me” time. He had a vet appointment on Monday, so I got to the farm early to hand-walk, graze, and walk Eli under saddle at the very least to burn off a little nervous energy before the vet would take a look at him. His appointment went relatively smoothly and Eli didn’t throw any major tantrums, and we have got his maintenance program on track.

driveway from patentlybay on Vimeo.

Weather more typical of late summer is expected this week, so I am hoping for drier turnouts and rideable footing in the arenas later this week. And to, like, you know, jump, maybe? Blog posts about the weather are freaking boring.

11 thoughts on “Should We Talk About the Weather?

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  1. I actually welcomed the rain here (OH) since our fields were rocks and ponds had dried up! I don’t know how you Texans do it! Also, its been downright chilly at night (mid 50s) and barely cresting 78 this week. I LOVE it. I know it won’t last though..the end of August is usually brutal for us midwesterners who don’t agree with heat and humidity

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  2. So over the humidity, but temps below 90 are kinda nice. Although now that it actually seems to have quit raining for more than 30 minutes, the mosquitoes are out. It’s always something.

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  3. ugh that’s basically how we feel all winter – doing whatever kind of weather dances we can think of and otherwise just making do…. no fun at all, hopefully it dries out quickly for you!

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