Rain Break

It does not rain in Texas in August, except maybe for a few days if there is a hurricane making landfall.


Eli has done a whole lot of nothing this week. I couldn’t even get to the barn on Tuesday after work because of how bad the weather was. This is truly the most bizarre rain event I have experienced in Texas, because really, it does not rain like this in August ever. May? Yeah. October? Sure. But in August, Texas is typically a parched swath of burnt grass, the oppressive sun frying everything at 102F on a daily basis.

Luckily, last evening, we got a break from the rain for a bout 20 minutes–long enough to stick Eli in the round pen, which was really only muddy on one side … I didn’t work him, I just let him wander around while I did some yoga in the middle. I hope I can ride him tonight in the fields!

In the meanwhile, my mom has been going through some old stuff and found this gem:


My interests were clear from a young age: horses and The X-Files. And possibly trucks. Also unearthed are some kids’ books, one of which is an exquisitely illustrated book of nonsense verse.


Again, featuring horses. Or donkeys …


The look of utter scandalization on the pig’s face at the donkey not requesting a finger of Scotch is pretty much a look that ends up on my face daily for any number of reasons.

I have also been passing the time by pinning some equestrian fall style ideas. I am super into camel & grey with accents of wine & coral. So much grey. All the grey.

Hopefully next week I can get back to riding! While I invite the cooler temperatures to stay, I would like it if the rain could just hold off until after a September 10 schooling show I want to go to.

16 thoughts on “Rain Break

    • I didn’t really plan it, lol. I didn’t even have a mat. But Eli didn’t mind, and when I stopped and walked to the gate he walked over to the gate too like he knew we were done.


  1. We found some old gems of mine while cleaning my grandparent’s house. My intentions were clear from the beginning as well, including several “floor plans” of how I planned to develop my grandparent’s farm into an equestrian paradise. Maybe I will dig them back out and post them.

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  2. I just LOVE camel in equestrian style!
    I do think the weather is crazy all over the world at the moment – we are pretty warm in New Zealand at the moment and that is pretty unheard of at this time of year!

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