Can’t Beat the Weather

I enjoyed my brief vacation, but I am so glad to be back with my animals. California has all of the scenery and nice weather anyone could ask for, but L.A. is not without faults. I can see why people move there but the sheer volume of people everywhere all the time would really start to bother me after a while.



I stayed with a friend and we visited Manhattan Beach, the Getty Villa, did some shopping (I bought nothing) and ate out at some places I really like, and honestly it is all blending together at this point already. I think the highlight was introducing two of my long-time friends and getting ice cream at Jeni’s in Los Feliz. The major downside of visiting L.A. is of course the traffic.


I don’t often remember to take pictures of food, but I kind of wish I had this trip because it looked as good as it all tasted. I have also noticed that in general the produce in California has so much more flavor than what I get in Texas. The avocado is more avocado-y and the butter lettuce actually tastes like butter lettuce is supposed to — almost buttery. Everything that grows, grows well in California so I am assuming the proximity helps preserve so much of the flavor.

I am overly excited about seeing Eli this evening after work and taking him for a nice long (hot) walk around the property before we get back into the swing of things.

11 thoughts on “Can’t Beat the Weather

    1. Yes, the traffic. Every car trip took long enough to warrant me taking dramamine. Traffic in Austin is getting pretty bad, especially I-35, but LA is on another level of hell.


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