Well-Earned Vacation!

I am on vacation, but posting anyway. At least, for today. I had a lesson this morning, a revisit of the exercise we did last week. Eli retained so much and felt fantastic today, even in the already oppressive heat.


He felt very consistent each time through the exercise when I stayed consistent. I made a few mistakes, but I was able to correct them and we finished up after some very nice jumping efforts on Eli’s part. My trainer really helped me through the mental part of the ride and I am grateful for the education.

160804 lesson from patentlybay on Vimeo.

I have also been continuing to use the Polaroid Cube+ and it’s … uh … illuminating … apparently I use my outside rein exactly never.


I should really be trying to pack for a flight tomorrow, but it’s more interesting to go over “tape” as they say in the NFL and really study my strengths and weaknesses as a rider, and Eli’s responsiveness to both. I also enjoy just watching him do his thing. He’s a pretty cool horse when I give him the right ride.

Tomorrow will be answers to August’s 10 questions. I may not be as responsive to comments over the next few days, but I’m not unplugging, either. Eli has definitely earned a vacation himself, and a working student will be looking after him for me while I’m out of town, just to throw quick wraps on him for a few minutes a day and give him cookies. He’s getting a break from the tack same as me.

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