Weekend Riding Review

I have exactly zero media from this weekend’s rides, so you will just have to take my word for it that Eli had a lot of energy, but not in a bad way. I find this bizarre because it is so damn hot.


But we jumped around some little courses on Saturday and he didn’t put a foot wrong. He did land on the outside lead in a turn to a combination, but I had to really balance him up and slow him down in the turn so we just held the counter canter–that was really the only bad thing that happened and that is just not that bad on a jumper. On Sunday, I decided I had better flat him around in case the course work made him stiff. It had not. He felt great. I think he likes his new eggbutt on his jumping bridle.


He also seems to enjoy walking all the way to the front gate to check on work progress across the street–some utilities are being put in and Eli likes to walk all the way up to the fence line and then stop, stare, and snort at the piles of caliche and big blue pvc pipes piled up. There is never anyone out there working when I’m riding. I’m not sure what Eli finds so fascinating about it. He just has to go see what’s going on so he can mildly spook at it.


Eli gets today off for sure, and he has another massage coming up next week.

On a less fun note, I thought I had found some sunscreen for my face that didn’t irritate it, but after wearing for three days, my face is now more red than usual and my skin is peeling. I am assuming it’s not sunburn, because I was wearing sunscreen. The sunscreen was the different thing, so it’s back to trying to find something that doesn’t irritate my skin or sweat off.

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  1. Have you tried Sweat Cosmetics? They have translucent powder sunscreen, made by soccer players and endorsed by a couple of equestrians. They talked about it on Horses in the Morning last week, and I’m really interested in trying it! I can’t speak to how well it works personally but it seems like a great product for active women (and men…you can get it with or without a color!)

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  2. Maybe there was something in the air this weekend, because Val was the same way: forward, but quiet and super well-behaved. Although Val is not capable of staring and mildly spooking then moving on with his life. Sounds like you generally had a nice, easy weekend.

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  3. We’ve had lovely winter days here lately, crisp with just enough sun to take the coldness out of the air and my horse has been lethargic.. go figure.
    Maybe weather doesn’t affect horses, that’s their superpower.

    Love your jumping bridle – I think we have the same bit and Oscar loves it too! It’s so kind on their mouths, huh!

    Hope you figure the sunscreen dilemma out – if the powdery stuff in the first comment doesn’t work, Neutrogena Sport Sunscreen for your face is great. It’s designed for faces so is hopefully gentle enough for your skin – not sure if you tried it already or not 🙂 Also SPF 80 or something crazy like that so will keep you looking 20 when you’re 80; at least that’s what the sunscreen nazis over here like to tell us haha.

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    1. It’s really a great bit, I think Eli is most comfortable in it. Unfortunately Neutrogena sunscreens and my skin do not get along. I used to use them but more recently my skin has reacted to them. I think I might be hypersensitive to chemical sunblock 😦


  4. He just likes to spook it out? I am jinxing myself by saying this but Annie isn’t super spooky. Houston on the other hand likes to give the hairy eye ball to anything he can… Including but not limited to: sticks, rocks, tall grass, dogs he sees all the time… Horses man.


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