Good Mail Days


I got lucky a little bit ago and won the contest hosted by Equestrian at Hart and have the goodies now. The taffy lasted all of 15 seconds. The rest of it–Nourish bath products from Savannah and a spray bottle of Annie’s Equine Elixirs coat refresher–I can enjoy for days.


I tried the coat refresher on Eli last night and I’m thinking after a few weeks of use I’ll review it. So far, I like the light and clean scent–it’s a nice change from some of the more heavily-scented equine products out there. I do have to wipe or brush it on Eli’s coat because of his mortal fear of the sensation of being sprayed with anything from a spray bottle, but that doesn’t seem to be an issue. He lets me spray it directly on his tail, at least.

I also got a few other fun things in the mail yesterday … a package from Riding Warehouse and a little gadget that may be a source of blog media in the near future, we’ll see how it goes. I’ll write a whole separate post about the gadget if I like it enough.


I decided Eli’s “hunter” bridle needs a crown pad, so I got the Equifit one (will probably review eventually), as well as a few Equifit hoof tape thingies just to have on hand. And I finally picked up an RW t-shirt. They are so cheap I don’t know why I hadn’t gotten one before. Loving the colors of the one I got!


You might be able to guess from the instructions what the gadget is. I went for simple, and got it so far. Honestly, IKEA could take a cue from these instructions. The gadget came with accessories, too!

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  1. Ooh! I’ve been watching that Polaroid myself for a while! I look forward to the review! 🙂 I’ve always been tempted by the Riding Warehouse shirts, just have yet to order anything from them to throw one in the cart. :/

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    1. I am still figuring out the Polaroid, in spite of the simple instructions–I took a bunch of awkward pictures instead of video on accident but I will try video again tonight.


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