Weenie Wednesday: Toy Basket

Conrad has a basket of toys, both upstairs and downstairs.

bone1 bone2

He selects specific toys from it to chew on or play with.


He also wonders why I put all of his things back in the basket after he takes them all out.

11 thoughts on “Weenie Wednesday: Toy Basket

  1. I always look forward to Weenie Wednesdays!

    Mine don’t have a ton of toys, but they do have an alarming deer antler collection that I am constantly picking up to prevent myself from getting impaled. The things we do for our weenies…. 😊

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    • Conrad loves the stuffing-less toys and I would feel bad if I threw any of them out πŸ™‚ He only gets antlers rarely and under supervision because he can bite through them, unfortunately.


      • Mine shred the stuffing-less toys so they can’t have them anymore. Same with Kongs (even the industrial strength big dog ones). Destructive little badger dogs! πŸ˜‚

        I have to take the antlers away sometimes when they chew them down to nubs (I worry about choking!) but my husband works for a farmer so he replenishes the stock pretty frequently.


  2. Thule and Reef have a toy basket, but just one. Thule only likes ONE toy but Reef likes to take each one out, throw it around and jump on the couch with it before choosing another one. He thinks it great when we put them all back in the basket so he can pull them out again, that’s the best part!

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