Golden Hour

When is your favorite time of day to ride?


For many of us, we ride when it fits in our schedules. But say you can set your own schedule — when does riding happen? I would probably ride exclusively in the evenings anyway if I could. The light ranges from good to spectacular, the horse has been turned out and eaten earlier enough that he’s not got an empty stomach but isn’t too full/too close to having eaten to ride, and for me, exercising before a cocktail, then dinner, and lastly bedtime is a nice way to end my day. I am also pretty much a night owl, and more awake later in the day.

(I thought photographing the mesh ears at sunset would show them better, but nope.)

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  1. I love the evenings but I’d kill to not have to ride in the heat ha. In a perfect world where I wasn’t working, summer time and winter time I would probably ride around noon-ish (the hottest part of the day here is at 5!) and during the spring in fall enjoy the evenings.

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  2. I really love a mid-morning ride! About 10am is perfect – late enough that I’m not up at the crack of dawn to get to the barn, but early enough that I still have the rest of my day ahead of me when I’m done. Not too hot, not too cold, perfect. 🙂

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  3. As much as I hate getting up early, I actually prefer a morning ride. I get to start my day off on a good note, and the barn is usually quiet and peaceful as long as it isn’t a lesson day. I also feel like I have SO MUCH day left to do things when I do a morning ride, with no rush to finish at the barn and get home.

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  4. I like early morning rides. It’s quiet, Cosmo is fresh. Although at the new barn there is a very still morning time where the air is heavy, in the afternoon (or as soon as I get off) a breeze picks up that is really nice.

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  5. I love first thing in the morning when the sun is starting to come up. Especially in the fall or early winter, It’s just beautiful and crispy. But… Late evening or even 11pm… 2nd choice.

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  6. Mornings, which right now it when I typically ride anyway. In the evenings since our arenas face east – west you are blinded any time you face towards the west. However since the sun rises so early right now, by the time I am at the barn between 8 and 9 the sun is out of the way.

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  7. About 2pm, plenty of time to get all my boring adult responsibilities done and out of the way, to spend the rest of the afternoon with the horses!
    That’s in a perfect world of course, like, if I lived in… Texas or something… I imagine riding at 2pm would be deathly lol! NZ is quite temperate so that’s a good time 🙂

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  8. My car was covered in condensation this morning when I went to work and my glasses fogged up when I got out of my car. It may be slightly cooler here in the morning, but the humidity is brutal. I am going to try and start riding again (after a 3 month break) and see if Dexter is any more sound. If not, I’ll finally call the vet out, but he’s been moving around a lot better in his pasture lately, so here’s to hoping. I will probably ride as close to dark as possible (after 8pm). Since he’s at home, I also feed him his dinner, so I’ll have to figure out how I’m going to feed him, let his food settle and not stand outside when it’s 100 degrees for two hours.

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