Top Notch: If the Bonnet Fits Bonnets

Fly bonnet, ear bonnet, fly veil, ear net … whatever you call them, they aren’t optional in Texas in the spring and summer. I wanted a few with mesh ears, so that Eli’s brain might stay a little cooler even in warm weather but his ears would still be protected from bugs. If the Bonnet Fits offers the mesh ears, so I ordered two … and then wound up getting a third with regular ears & ear embroidery. I have reviewed these bonnets before, and the new ones meet if not surpass the quality of my other If the Bonnet Fits bonnets. And as an added bonus, when I tried the mesh ear bonnets on Eli, he didn’t even shake his head! He always gives a bit of a shake when I put bonnets on him so for him not to do that makes me think he prefers the mesh ears.

I know many of you readers and fellow bloggers may already have a bonnet or a few from If the Bonnet Fits, so I will save you the trouble of reading any more about them and just give you the good stuff. I bucked the subtle trend …

meshears peridotandmerlot

greencrystals profiled

posed earembroidery

colorstory modelish

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    1. The mesh ears don’t look like mesh until you get them on the horse and can see it’s mesh. I am not sure of the fabric construction, but my guess would be some kind of nylon, maybe? The two bonnets without the embroidery have the mesh–it is hard to tell in the pictures!


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