Weenie Wednesday: More Pig Pig Carnage

Conrad eats well, although he doesn’t realize it.

notfreshkill wishingforbunny

He’d like more fresh kills. I try to supply him with predator-oriented activities, which he finds entertaining for at least a while.

pigpig1 pigpig2 pigpig3

I takes him weeks to bore of a new toy, because I think in some way he is convinced that at some point, he will pull actual blood and guts out of the plush (stuffingless) toys I get him. He just keeps digging for the heart of his little pig pig. It’s really cute.

more pig pig carnage from patentlybay on Vimeo.

As long as the tiny little despotic wolf that lives in his brain drives him to want to feast on the guts of bunnies and piggies, I’ll keep getting him toys for him to destroy.

10 thoughts on “Weenie Wednesday: More Pig Pig Carnage

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  1. I can’t imagine his excitement with stuffed toys, but I’d hate to be cleaning that up. One day my dog had gotten into an outdoor chair cushion. Stuffing everywhere. The next day she got into the trashbag of the stuffing. I figured my time to clean up and restuff trashbags were cheaper than buying new toys and it was less destructive than destroying some other piece of furniture or digging lol

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