Sunday & Solstice

My Sunday started early with a walk with Conrad, and then grazing & grooming with Eli. I went to work for a few hours and then got to meet up with Amanda and Hillary for some food in an area of Austin jam-packed with shopping and dining options, just south of the river. The most important thing about Sunday was that I ordered a doughnut that had some fruit involved, so obviously I stuck to a healthy diet.


Monday, the summer solstice brought the longest day of the year, but any day at a desk is a long day. Thankfully, I got to spend at least part of it outside with Eli a little before sunset.


One of these days I am going to film a grooming and tacking up session with Eli because it is probably the most awkward horse/person interaction possible. I forgot apples, so his grump level shot up by the time I got to putting the tack on him.


Once I put the bridle on the lack of apples fully hit him, and he felt devastated. Even though he got cookies.


He perked back up as we left the cross-tie. I walked him around the small arena for a few minutes, trotted him down the length of the drive to the road and walked back up, and proceeded to do a lot of long + low trot on the buckle and a relaxed canter. The heat kept me from asking for much more, although we finished with a little bit of walking on the bit and marching through a figure 8 a few times.


All signs point to a long hot summer ahead of us with few incentives to torture ourselves in the heat, so late evening rides will be the plan.


I will try to remember the apples next time.

23 thoughts on “Sunday & Solstice

  1. Long and low is all I could muster in our last ride too, and *somebody* enjoyed himself so much that it still turned into 45 minutes of him asking if we could keep trotting/cantering with his nose to his ankles. I’m glad it felt nice to stretch and use his top line but I was pretty much bouncing off of my pony by the end of the ride.

    At least all the heat and warm light is making it easier for Eli to pose for photos.

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