Lesson Recap: the Triple

This is going to be a short recap because the lesson was relatively short because hot. So much hot everywhere now.

The triple combination Eli and I treated as a grid on Tuesday got tinkered with again, and although the distances were still a bit short, they walked better and rode much more evenly on Saturday. After taking a few trot jumps and cantering a few single verticals, my trainer had me canter through the triple a few times.


getting to the middle

There’s not much to say because after a bobble the first time cantering in without enough step, we corrected and Eli cantered through totally fine for the rest of the lesson. I am also happy to say he exhibited zero signs of a right drift coming through the combination and got to the middle of every element each time, no guide poles needed. After taking the combination a handful of times, it was enough work for one day because of the heat–plenty hot even at 10:30 in the morning.


Eli got Sunday off, and I will hold off on even tacking up today until about 7:45pm. I drank a GALLON (not exaggerating) of water on Saturday and almost as much on Sunday. I don’t know if I can keep up with that amount daily–128 ounces, but I am going to try for the rest of the summer to at least get 96 ounces daily.  Seeing as how Eli can down a gallon or two just after a workout I will look to him as inspiration.

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