Apple Time

Eli got a day off Monday. It won’t be any less hot today, but my strategy for dealing with it is don’t. I’ll just ride around 7:30pm and hopefully it won’t be too hot by then. Since it’s dry, I am also interested in jumping my horse a little bit this week.

For the time being, Eli will live in bell boots because of the pad on his RF and the still-growing-out heel grab on his left.

And of course, I can’t forget his daily apples.

APPLE from patentlybay on Vimeo.

I’ll be posting about summer riding attire on Friday … because riding in bikinis lacks class.

10 thoughts on “Apple Time

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  1. Eli has the cutest face. Today will be the last day here around 90. The majority of the next 10 days to two weeks will be over 90 with triple digits possible. So it’ll just be daily showers for Dex and Sassy, treats and fly spray.

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  2. so at a local hawaiian-themed schooling show here last july there was legit both small children AND actual legit adults riding in bikini tops. almost 100% sure my memory is serving me correctly in saying there was even a coconut shell bikini present… just a thought! lol

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