Charted and Uncharted Territory

Eli did not show up as a green-as-grass sales prospect right off the track. He showed up with what we will call an unusual skill set colored by a strong distrust of people (and also a pretty nice jump). That was a few years ago. I have voluntarily (obsessively, even) worked through a lot with this horse, but haven’t taken the time to get it down on paper in one place just what all I have worked through. And when I say “worked through,” I mean I made something boring and routine until Eli agreed with me, or I stayed quiet in the tack until Eli settled, or I got veterinary care when called for. There is no magic in any of this, it’s just a lot of undoing his reactions learned from experiences I had nothing to do with, undoing by staying calm, patient, and consistent whenever I can and remember to. Inspired by posts from Tracy, Genny, and Nicole, as well as by the numerous and highly entertaining posts that were a part of the TRM honest sale ad blog hop, I decided to make a poorly-organized chart of stuff Eli used to do but doesn’t any more, or stuff Eli didn’t do but now does well, and of course the middle ground territory is heavily populated. So instead of paging through this blog, you can just get all our adventures into your imagination right here. Although not part of this chart, my biggest accomplishment is that I have not messed up his natural jumping talent. If that starts going wrong, we’ll go back to square one.

Things Eli used to do in hand




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