Rides This Week

That there have even been any rides this week is outstanding, considering the monsoon we’ve got going over Texas right now.


It just won’t stop raining. That being said, it is not raining all day every day. No, the sun comes out, cooks everything into limp vegetables while the humidity skyrockets. The top fields at the barn are occasionally rideable in such withering conditions, so I have been able to ride twice this week. Wednesday and today. Whee-hah.


With limited to no turnout, I have been hand-walking and grazing Eli as much as I can to keep him relatively sedate under saddle. Today we also battled sneezing and coughing fits for both the horse and rider while trying to trot a big figure eight in the top field. So it was more of a big lopsided pair of blobs probably linked together at some point or three … the molds are really high, y’all. Nobody can even think straight, let alone ride straight. Yeah … lots of trotting and walking exercises. Yawn. For his part, I must praise Eli for remaining rideable and listening whilst bereft of turnout. Hopefully we will get enough sun and enough days in a row with no rain for the turnouts to become useable.

strut from patentlybay on Vimeo.

The show has been rescheduled for June 12. Eli remembers the venue well enough now that I don’t think he’ll be too much of a handful, plus it will be hot and humid.


I have also booked a plane trip for my short trip in August. I’ll be visiting a friend, although he may be moving before my visit, and I must say, I wouldn’t mind. The cost of my plane ticket flying coach with a few options & one connection is more expensive than the cost of a first class direct plane ticket to the place he’s moving. And they are in the same state, so I am sure you can guess which cities I’m talking about. Ah, the plights of the developed world …

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  1. The hot and humid after the rain is almost worse than the rain. I haven’t been able to ride since Saturday, and even though was short and sweet because we were both ready to die!

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