I Can’t Stand the Rain


The holiday weekend came with a lot of rain, so not a lot in the way of riding happened. I did get to ride in the fields, but just at walk and trot on Saturday, and rode Sunday morning, but Eli’s edginess is surfacing with such irregular turnout. Showing this Saturday looks less and less likely, and I am not sure what the rain date is or whether I’ll be able to show again until September. Yeah. September. There are some summer shows at the same place as our last show, but honestly I am too sensitive to heat stress so I am reluctant to commit to any of those. I also have August travel plans that I need to iron out soon, so some fun money may go to that instead of a horse show.

The long weekend did allow me time to catch up with friends who visited from out of town, both on Sunday and Monday. I ate a lot this weekend, is the short version.


Eli’s heel grab has grown out about an inch and the look of it makes me nervous, but he is sound and, well, just not working that hard right now because of weather. I hope it stays a non-issue.


Just in case it doesn’t rain, I brought the riding gear with me to work … although after the rain Monday morning even the fields may be too soft/muddy/slick.


8 thoughts on “I Can’t Stand the Rain

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  1. Was so glad to squeeze in two rides in the ring in the past few days. Hoping I can get in there and jump today, since who knows when that’ll happen again. The forecast blows.

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    1. I did get to ride–including canter and cavaletti–in the small arena on Sunday and took a good bit of the footing with us into the wash rack. Monday, there was no way to ride anywhere. This sucks.


      1. I couldn’t believe it was rideable yesterday afternoon, although granted it was only the new side with the the coarser granite and better drainage. The old sandier side was still pretty squishy! Have a feeling we’re gonna be back on the shoulder of the road starting tomorrow.


  2. I don’t blame you for not wanting to be at CenTex in June, July or August….summer heat + long-as-hell show days = NOT FUN. Sorry you guys are getting so much rain! 😦

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