I Don’t Chase Points

Let me first say I strongly encourage everyone who has the ability and the means to chase points to do it, because it’s freaking amazingly fun.


Chasing points is not for me. It was at one time, and I did it, and have piles of blue satin from 1992 from it, and a big pretty yellow ribbon from the Southwest Dressage Championships.

But now, for one thing, I don’t have the time or financial means, even to chase points on the local circuit. I am not going to get to every show and I may not enter every class in my division.

More importantly, I don’t need the validation. I horse show for fun. I prefer a no-pressure, social activity over a disciplined pursuit of glory these days. My horse doesn’t care, he just wants to jump around.

From the last time I went to an A show.

So if you’re young and/or ambitious, chase after those points! Win every neck ribbon and wool cooler and silver tea tray you can! I will happily cheer on anyone interested in doing it. I will also be showing against some people who are, and I might–even if just occasionally–give them a run for their money.

The only validation I need now is a happy, healthy horse.

14 thoughts on “I Don’t Chase Points

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  1. It’s been about 10 years since I’ve shown consistently, enough to chase points anyway. Totally love this post. Points are far from everything. Getting out there and having fun is what it’s all about.

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  2. I love point chasing. Love it. Have only been able to do it once on an open circuit in NC, and even then couldn’t hit ALL the shows. Still, as soon as I have the horse/division/money/health combination that I need to point chase… it’s on! That’s been escaping me for a few years though 🙂

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  3. I never got to chase points as a junior, so it’s something on my bucket list to do years in the future when I’m financially stable and have “free” time.

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  4. I’d love to hear about what changed your mind (aside from just time and money) and how you mentally made the “switch” from point-chasing to showing for fun. I did a lot of point chasing in my youth, and part of me wants to do it again… but I put a lot of pressure on myself and that doesn’t always put me in the best spot mentally. Sometimes I wonder if I would be happier approaching showing more like you do.

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    1. I got burnt out, moved my horses, and stopped showing for 5 years. I never want to feel that way about showing again, now as an amateur. Chasing points at the regional and national levels is non-stop hard work and a lot of very, very long days.


  5. I just want to have fun. Sometimes that means just getting out and about, ribbons and placings be damned. And sometimes that means ALL ZE SATIN AND PRIZES. basically, the heart wants what it wants lol

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  6. I love this. Such a great way to think/feel. One day I want to feel the same way. For now I think I have at least one more good point chase left in me. Not sure when it will happen though.

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