The Herbal Horse Essential Roller Bottles Review


The Herbal Horse Essential Roller Bottles may be tiny, but they are powerful. I have been hooked on Healthy Hair and Whipped Magic, so I thought I’d try a few more products, including the Essential Roller Bottles. They come in various scents that incorporate essential oils into soothing or refreshing blends, depending on which oils.

Not gonna lie, I picked Soothe because of migraines. Now, I know that a blend of essential oils alone will not alleviate migraine symptoms. I have prescription pharmaceuticals for that, that you will have to pry from my cold dead hands to get me to stop using them. However, anything that smells this good but doesn’t irritate my sense of smell or trigger a migraine can’t hurt, and might help, even if the help is merely of the psychological variety of comfort. Any comfort at all is most welcome when I am experiencing a migraine. I put this on my temples, I use it on bug bites, I use it as a mild perfume on my wrists–it’s a versatile little roller bottle of what is a truly soothing blend. I haven’t tried this particular product on Eli yet, but I’m thinking he needs to get in on this action. The USEF Safe version of Be Calm might be a good fit for him.

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  1. Does it help your migraines at all? I am a chronic migraine sufferer, but during the day I have to manage on just OTC stuff, the prescriptions they give me put me right to sleep. I am desperate for anything to help me get through the day with as little pain as possible.

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    1. I can’t say for sure that it helps, but it does not hurt. I take something daily and something separately for acute onset … I feel like this roller ball gives me a little more clarity during a migraine fog, but for pain I rely on the pharmaceuticals & coffee.


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