Back on Track Quick Wraps Review


I am pretty much hooked on Back on Track products. (So hooked I wish Ogilvy Equestrian and Back on Track would collaborate on a baby pad.) I use Back on Track polo wraps regularly, wear a Back on Track tee-shirt to sleep in, and I’m saving extra pennies here and there to buy a Back on Track mesh sheet for Eli next. This review is about the Back on Track Quick Wraps.

Eli has wind puffs. Eli also has some scar tissue on his left front from when he scraped his leg and it puffed up quite a bit. Back on Track quick wraps address both of these issues to a certain extent. I don’t leave these wraps on overnight, and I don’t ship in them, although the Back on Track websites says you can do both. The way I use them is to throw them on for 30 minutes before riding Eli, or on his days off, throw them on for 30 minutes while I groom him or let him graze. So far, I am liking the results.


He is still awkward about the back wraps on his legs, and weakly tries to kick them off or rooster-walks with them on for a few steps. To that I say whatever. I have been using them for over a month now (maybe even a few months–so easy to lose track of time) and I have noticed a reduction in the size of his wind puffs over all. I have also noticed his tendons stay cool and tight. Of course not right after a work out, but his legs seem to recover faster since I have been using both these quick wraps before a ride and the Professional’s Choice ice boots after a ride. The scar tissue on his left front is minimal–I am less sure the BoT quick wraps are affecting this, but it has not given Eli any problems, so the quick wraps are doing no harm at the very least.

He thinks he can’t move his back legs.

I am going to experiment a little bit at the show this weekend with the quick wraps, and put them on about an hour (best guess) before a class instead of just the 30 minutes we do at home, because when is there a better time to experiment than at a show? Kidding. Don’t experiment too much at shows. My reasoning for the slight change is there is no turn out at a show, so a little extra far infrared therapy might help with keeping him from getting stiff.


For Eli, a 16.1hh light-boned and leggy TB, I went with the 16″ wraps for his hind legs and the 14″ wraps for his forelegs. I am very happy with the results I have had thus far and plan to keep using the quick wraps as part of Eli’s regular routine.

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  1. I love BOT! Justin has these quick wraps – and I’m eventually going to buy another set for his hinds. I recently bought the ankle brace for myself. It fits in my boot, and feels a lot better when I ride. I think doing a little extra time in the boots at your show couldn’t hurt. Justin wears his in the barn, to ship and overnight and I love the effect! And good luck this weekend!

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  2. I love my BoT Quick Wraps as well! Like you, I’ve noticed a significant difference in the swelling and heat in Roger’s legs after a ride, and his ankles have remained happy since we’ve started using these wraps. I also don’t ship in them or leave them on overnight, but they go on immediately after our rides and stay on for 2-3 hours. I’m really happy with the results!

    Also, I think your idea for an Ogilvy/BoT saddle pad collaboration is pure genius….I’d definitely pick one up if they created it 🙂

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  3. I picked up BoT hock boots for Sir Francis and I’d LOVE to pick up some quick wraps for him- he has some old splints from his life as a foxhunter and while he’s totally sound, I want to do everything in my power to keep it that way for many years to come.

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  4. The quick wraps are one of the few BoT products I haven’t tried. I would be intrigued to try them but need to wait for a deal probably!

    Admittedly I don’t really like the saddle pad that much though. Not sure why it was just never my favorite. Didn’t help that it rubbed houstons hair off.

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    1. I did buy both pairs on sale. And not at the same time.

      I like the idea of the saddle pad, but it needs more wither clearance! As it is, it doesn’t really work for Eli.


  5. I’m obsessed with getting a mesh sheet for my mare too, even tho the idea of spending so much on a product in a size I’m not likely (hopefully) to need again, and for a horse I don’t own, kinda kills me.

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    1. Ugh, that would be quite an investment on a horse you don’t own … I’d be trying to get the owner to go halfsies but that’s not always possible


  6. I Just bought BOT quick wraps. First day of use my horse who had been diagnosted with caudal heel pain went sound! Buying rear boots next.
    Thank you BOT!


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