Weenie Wednesday: Spring Cleaning


Conrad’s clothes, for the most part, are machine-washable. However, he has a few really nice wool sweaters that I would like to keep from shrinking, but the idea of dry cleaning my dog’s sweaters does not sit well with me. Like, how could I possibly be any more effete if I dry cleaned my dog’s sweaters? I am probably not even going to dry clean my own sweaters any more.

His wool sweaters are Chilly Dog, so I emailed the company to ask how I should clean them. The company suggests hand washing and laying flat to dry. Easy enough. I could just use Woolite, I suppose, but I already have something that I think might work better–the J.Crew Cashmere Wash, which sadly is no longer available, but I still have quite a bit left in the bottle I have at home.


So when ever I have a few extra minutes this week, I am going to lint-roll the sweaters and hand wash them in cold water with the cashmere wash, and may as well do my cashmere sweaters, too.

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