Goode Rider Legacy Knee Patch Breeches Review

Y’all are getting two reviews this week, and two reviews next week! I hadn’t planned on reviewing these breeches, but as it turns out I really like them, although they may not be everyone’s cup of tea. (I’ve discovered through blogging that people have widely-varying tastes in breeches!)

The zip pull tabs on the front pockets match my brown tall boots.

The Goode Rider breeches, while on my radar, are not something I usually purchase–I had one pair of full seats and the fit was strange so I hadn’t wanted to pick up another pair from this brand anytime soon. However, I saw the Legacy breech on the Styled Equestrian’s Instagram, and thought they looked fantastic. The breeches had details I appreciated and they looked lightweight. I found them for a good price via Adams Horse & Pet Supplies and ordered a pair.

Although initially I thought these would just be for schooling, I was pleasantly surprised when I got my order because these breeches look sharp enough for showing, at least in the jumper ring. The zippers would definitely take them out of the running for equitation, but perhaps they would be passable in the hunter ring? The material is a lightweight nylon microfiber twill–definitely a summer-weight fabric that still feels very durable. For comparison, it is a lighter weight than the Tailored Sportsman Trophy Hunters, but not by a lot. The knee patches are a suede-like material but kind of stretchy, so they don’t bind up underneath tall boots.


The breeches also feature a sock bottom with an extremely lightweight stretchy material on the inside of the calf for a close-contact feel. I did find that these breeches, like pretty much every pair of breeches I have ever tried on, are large in the calf for me, but then I have scrawny toothpick calves so most people won’t have this problem, I don’t think.


These are other great details on these breeches, and I noticed right away they were well-made–the quality of the stitching is excellent. The Euro seat seams are flat so they don’t bother the backs of my legs at all. Obviously, I have not had them that long and have only ridden in them twice, but my guess is these will hold up to a lot of wear. They have functioning back flap pockets with snaps, but they are not quite deep enough to hold a smartphone.


Another cute feature are the front zip pockets, but they aren’t very deep either. They’ll hold some lip gloss or a few horse cookies, but nothing more substantial. The zippers have nice leather pull tabs and the zippers themselves feel like they won’t break anytime soon. One last feature that I like are the wide belt loops. I have a mild obsession with the 2-inch-wide spur belts and they fit perfectly with these breeches.


I like the quality, fit, and aesthetic of these breeches so much that I have decided to save this tan pair for shows only, and have ordered a pair in the graphite color for schooling. If these came in white, I would definitely get a pair (just in case any jumper classics pop up in my future). They are available in Long, too, for all of you tall people! These Legacy breeches have completely changed my opinion of Goode Rider breeches, and this pair definitely fits true to size.

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  1. Great review! I saw these on The Styled Equestrian’s IG too, and have been curious about them ever since. You definitely can’t be the price, and they look really sharp! Hopefully they come out with white, I’ll definitely snatch them up! 🙂

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    1. I have no curves, so I’m not the best person to answer. However, the material is stretchy and the waist is lined in something even a little stretchier and it’s contoured, so I think they were considering the gap-at-the-back issue in the design and trying to avoid it.


    1. I don’t notice any bunching too much because the sock bottoms are so thin, but there is definitely more material than what would fit my calves. They do stay in place under my tall boots and bother me less than the velcro on Trophy Hunters.


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