Lesson Recap & Ownerversary


My weekend started off with alcohol and cheese, and of course trying to figure out how to ride like Michael Jung. My guess is we were all doing that.  I had my usual lesson on Eli Saturday morning; miraculously, the footing was good. We took a few trot jumps, jumped a course–he even got every lead and we got acceptable distances at every fence. After the course, we worked on a single vertical with canter poles on either side and keeping Eli straight and in the middle, off both leads. It’s harder than it sounds, but we finished mostly straight and in the middle.


All the rain means more grass. Sunday, May 1 marked the two year anniversary of me buying Eli, and honestly I didn’t do much to celebrate that other than grooming him and stuffing his face with cookies. By the time I bought Eli, I already knew him quite well, and while I am still ironing out all of his kinks, he just gets better and better.


I didn’t ride him Sunday because I figured I would be riding after work today, but today is not exactly going as planned in a car trouble sort of way and it has been raining a little bit, too. We have two weeks until the next show, so I really hope it doesn’t rain that whole time.



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