Rides This Week



Flat work. We worked on cantering moreso than trotting. Balancing to the left seems easier, although bending is more difficult. I don’t think it’s Eli at this point, I think it’s that my left leg is weaker than my right and I just have to work on using it more effectively. Eli is more forward going to the right at the canter, but less amenable to collection in that direction.


I decided I had better jump Eli Tuesday evening because rain was on the way. This whole week, really, has been a game of chicken with the rain. We took a few trot jumps, and then I cantered around over some fences–we took the wall four times, and this is what sticks out in my head: first approach got to a gap which Eli took and I got left behind. Second and third approach Eli obliged my bad riding and went for the deeper distances. Fourth approach, I then asked for the longer spot which he took and I followed it this time. We also worked on jumping a vertical back and forth off different leads. The first approach I rode past the distance, picked up the reins, and Eli practically had to climb over it. Every other time we hit it spot on, with Eli very much in front of my leg and quite strong (which is good for us) at the end of the schooling.



After the storms, the turnouts were slop, so Eli did not get playtime outside. Even so, I rode him in the field and he managed to stay fairly businesslike.


More riding in the field. Worked on trot to canter and walk to canter transitions. I wanted to work on counter canter, too, but rain started in, and by the time we got back to the barn from the field it started to pour, with thunder. Glad we didn’t get a soaking, glad the lakes are full, but this weather, augh! I spent a little extra time rearranging my tack trunk. I have now got all the stuff I use in my locker and trunk, and all of the stuff I no longer use right now is going to storage or my closet. apparently, I have determined that I actually do use two sets of white polos, a set of burgundy monogrammed polos, a pair of 11′ black BoT polos and a set of 9′ white BoT polos. Really? Well, they are all living in my trunk and not going to storage, so I guess so.


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    1. That top field just drains right off. Of course, if it doesn’t rain, it gets like cement under the grass. Roadside Dressage is the next big thing, though, right?


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