The Rider Adapts: Voluspa Candles Review

One of my favorite Austin boutiques, Luxe Apothetique, carries my absolute favorite brand of candle, Voluspa. Scent carries a lot of emotional value for me, and of course there are all kinds of things you hear about how scent is the most powerful trigger of memory. I am also very sensitive to scents, and some can, unfortunately for me, trigger migraines. So finding candles with scents that I like and don’t fry my brain can be difficult, but luckily every Voluspa candle scent I have tried smells divine and doesn’t seem to trigger anything unpleasant for me.


One of my favorite scents is their Baltic Amber, a rich, exotic scent that smells clean, is based on sandalwood, and vaguely reminds me of cool wet stone mixed with pine needles and distant floral notes. A few other scents I’ve tried lately and loved are the Crane Flower and Vervaine & Olive Leaf. Crane Flower smells of citrus and lavender, so it’s very soothing and peaceful. Vervaine & Olive Leaf reminds me of lemon, but also summery greenness–it’s a good wake-up scent for me.

While barn smells and coffee are my absolute favorite smells–and no way would I have candles at a barn–Voluspa candles provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere of luscious scents for my home.

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  1. Voluspa are some of my favorites! I’m partial to Bella Sucre and Pink Citron, but honestly I have only found a few I don’t like. They also have a great lavender and I like Champagne when I want something not as sweet. Plus, pretty.
    My current obsession are definitely Diptyque candles though… omg.

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