Rain Delay

Welcome to the new name & new look of this little blog. The attitude will stay the same.


Not much happened over the weekend–I did get to ride on Friday and Saturday. Friday’s ride was … interesting. Everything going as planned until we went to canter to the left. It was the last thing we needed to do, and we could not get 5 normal steps of canter in a row. Eli even threw a fairly significant buck. I kept at it until I did get about half a circle of not abnormal canter and stopped while I wasn’t too far behind. Eli hadn’t been ridden all week, so I expected as much.


Saturday he was much much better.  I hacked him out in the fields this time and he early on tried to pop his outside shoulder going to the left, but after that he went really nicely. Everything has finally dried out so I am hoping for a normal ride this evening.


Of course we didn’t have a usual Saturday lesson–Eli is not one you want to jump if he has not worked all week, plus I don’t think that’s fair to the horse, to expect an effort like that after a week of doing nothing. Hopefully next Saturday we’ll be able to have our regular lesson again. I am not even going to look at the forecast.

9 thoughts on “Rain Delay

  1. So so wet. We actually had an incredibly dry ring on Sunday, but every day leading up to that it was pretty soggy and we had to make do with our grass ring and just avoid the muddy spots. I love all the lush grass, but I’m pretty over the rain.

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