(Not the kind that happen in the saddle … )

Excuse the mess should you encounter any of it, but I’m “rebranding” my blog. I know, I know, I don’t sell anything and this blog is not terribly commercial, but I feel like changing it up so I am. (And I do have a few tee-shirt designs in mind …)

Starting now-ish, Bay with Chrome will change to Patently Bay. Theoretically, if you follow this blog, you won’t have to do anything, as will redirect to I will be updating the look, the social media, and the contact email. None of the content is going away or changing. This will still be a place for me to ramble about my horse and show off my dog. Apologies to all of the kind and generous people who include me in your blog roll and may have to tinker accordingly. If you guilt-trip me enough, I might, like, buy you a drink or something.

“We are the change that we seek.”

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