The Rider Adapts: Mario Badescu Chamomile Night Cream Review

I am officially a Mario Badescu addict at this point, and I am so glad their prices are not extravagant. This time around, I wanted to share with you all my brief but positive experience I have had with the Chamomile Night Cream.

nightfacecreamThis tiny jar packs a lot of silky, soothing, good goop. I battle redness daily in my skin, and this night cream is in part aimed at reducing this redness. I think so far it does just that.

chamomilecreamIt goes on smoothly, absorbs quickly, has a pleasant, mild scent, and I wake up with smooth skin and very little redness. My skin feels cooler, too, something I hadn’t even realized was an issue, but I guess my skin was red partly because of inflammation, and the Chamomile Night Cream seems to reduce that inflammation. I have only been using this cream for about two weeks, and I can tell there is a difference in the softness of my skin, too.

As with just about every Mario Badescu product I have tried thus far, I recommend this night cream without hesitation for any of you who want to reduce redness in your complexion, or are just looking for softer skin.

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