Standing Water

The past few rides, I’ve beaten the rain. But now, the rain showed up and hung on for a long time and still has not quite let go.

arenalakeSo we’re going to be hand walking and grazing a lot. Maybe a hack in the field is not out of the question by the end of the week … ? We still have some time before the next show, and our goals for that show are really, really basic. Like, new venue, maybe not even show, but just school to see how Eli handles the new environment.

floodedparkingareaWe did manage to squeeze in one lesson on Saturday before the weather hit. From previous rain, the footing was still iffy, so we kept the jumps low and jumped around and left it at that. I caused a run-out while trying to slice a jump, but corrected next time around, we got lead changes, and I waited at a gappy distance at the faux brick wall jump that Eli has finally gotten over the look of, and Eli took the gap and jumped nicely, even though I ended up a little behind–not too bad though. No visual evidence to back up any of this, but it seemed a worthwhile lesson overall.

wholelottawalkingSo Eli’s week looks like grooming, hand walking, grazing, and possibly a bath if I feel like it and the humidity drops a bit. Maybe he’ll gain a few extra pounds doing a whole lot of nothing?

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