Tuesday, Schooling a Combination

On Tuesday this week I got to school Eli with my trainer. It’s a little unusual for us to school during the week because I don’t get to the barn after work until 6:30pm or later, after my trainer has left for the day, but this Tuesday I left work early for an appointment and made it to the barn much earlier than normal. We didn’t school Saturday because of storms, and storms were on their way Tuesday, too, but we did beat the rain this time! We worked on a combination, and Eli did not put a foot wrong. We got video of our last trip through, and after that performance, I don’t mind him getting a few days off because of the weather–he deserves it!

Eli041216 from rennikka on Vimeo.

You might notice the overcast in the video–Tuesday was cooler and cloudier than Monday. Here’s Monday’s weather for comparison:

Sunset Walk from rennikka on Vimeo.

Monday was so muggy and warm I HAD to rinse Eli after our ride. That’s Texas weather for you–tee-shirt one day, sweater the next. Eli needs a shampoo bath again, but that probably won’t happen until the weekend, if even then.

I have one last thing for this post–a commenter was curious about whether separate ice packs were needed for the Professional’s Choice Ice Boots. The answer is nope! The gel that freezes is sewn into the boots, and they are all one piece, nothing to take out or put in. Very convenient.

squishy profchoice ice boots from rennikka on Vimeo.

More storms are headed our way this weekend, so Tuesday might have been the last time I get to jump school Eli for a while.

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