The Herbal Horse Whipped Magic Review

Welcome to the introductory post of 7 reviews in 7 weeks! I’ll be taking a look at a handful of bath products that riders might find useful.

whippedI ordered a tin of Whipped Magic in the scent The Moon some time ago, and have mentioned it before. The short version of this review is that I love it.

But there is also a slightly longer version that includes another use for it that I discovered: my feet. Don’t worry, I have spared you photographic evidence.

Once a week or so, I use Whipped Magic all over my feet before going to bed, and cover my feet with footie socks. A little bit of this stuff goes a long way, and in the morning my feet feel soft and physically feel pretty good. Obviously, this isn’t the only use for this stuff–you could keep elbows and knees from drying out, or really any part of your skin. Whipped Magic absorbs into my skin pretty quickly and the moisturizing effects last a long time. Even just a dab of it here and there and you’ll smell amazing for hours. I also use it in the crooks of my elbows because this is an eczema-prone area and Whipped Magic is very soothing in that respect. The next scent I’m going to try is The Forest. I don’t wear sandals much, but my feet are ready for summer after using this stuff!

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  1. I had not idea THH had products for people (maybe I’m just totally oblivious?)!! I’ll definitely try Whipped Magic in my next order. Great review, glad you liked it so much! 🙂

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  2. Hehehe I think many equestrians suffer from “boot feet” 😉 Or maybe its because who wants to spend $ on a real pedicure when there is horse stuff to buy?! I use Whipped Magic in Be Calm on my own boot feet and to help my insomnia. Thank you so much for the post!

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