More of Eli’s Birthday Presents

therecouldbemorebrushesEli got a few more of his birthday presents last week, and I am impressed. The praises of Leistner brushes have been sung throughout blogland, and two thorough reviews by The $900 Facebook Pony and Sprinkler Bandits are worth a read. Don’t think I didn’t notice that two picky thoroughbreds seem to enjoy the Leistner brushes, seeing as how I own a picky thoroughbred of my very own.

soridicsoftI ordered the Luxurious Goat Hair Brush and the Satchmo from Teddy’s Tack Trunk and received them very quickly within days of my order. The goat hair brush is soft enough to sleep on. The Satchmo (dubious name, no, person who named it?) has short, slightly stiffer horse hair bristles but still feels extremely soft.

leistnerThe premium quality wood and leather handles of these brushes impresses me. I’m already looking to buy a couple more Leistner brushes.

satchmoI find myself using the Satchmo quite a bit, and Eli, while not completely in love with it, seems to appreciate its softness and I appreciate how freaking clean this gets my horse’s coat. Yes, there is absolutely a difference between using this brush and my horse hair Winner’s Circle brush. While I do still use the Winner’s Circle brush because Eli does like that one, the Satchmo gets a lot more dirt out of Eli’s coat. As for the goat hair brush, Eli LOVES it. Like closed eyes, yawning, rubbing head against it loves it. This is the first brush he’s ever really done that with. It is well worth the price.

flowersI also tried to get pictures of Eli grazing in wildflowers and he decided to eat some bastard cabbage (actual name of plant). People can eat it, too, and there’s a little movement in Texas dedicated to eating invasive species out of existence in the state, but I think I’ll pass. I am happy to report he is finally back to his normal appetite and licking his feed tub clean, so hopefully I can increase his grain ration one last time and he will start to gain weight back and look less like a racehorse and more like a jumper again.

GAINWEIGHTDAMMITAs you can see, he is far too skinny for my taste, although thankfully he hasn’t yet gotten into bony territory (but yikes he looks close in this picture–the angle & lighting accentuate every damn rib). That’s the bastard cabbage in his chompers. I also have an ETA on the last of his presents–should be shipping on 5/3.

by Diane Segura. I am so slumpy here.

We didn’t get to lesson at our usual Saturday morning time because of weather (wherein lightning damn near hit the barn it was so close, and humans, dogs, and horses all simultaneously jumped 5 feet out their skin but we suffered no casualties) so I went back out to the barn after work to flat Eli at least and he was quite pleasant. I wanted to jump everything set in the arena, but I should be able to school with my trainer Tuesday afternoon so I held off.

Tomorrow is the first post of 7 reviews in 7 weeks, where I’ll be reviewing a bunch of bath products for humans.



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  1. I’m glad you and Eli like the Leistner brushes too! I got the Halflinger body brush and a super-soft finishing brush, and I had them about 2 days after I ordered. You can’t beat that kind of shipping! Although I might have to order that Satchmo brush strictly because I think the name is funny.

    Eli is one lucky dude, getting to celebrate his birthday for a month 😉

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  2. I bought 3 Leistner brushes a couple months ago and I love them. My horse is not thin skinned, but has a terrible static problem. The natural fiber brushes are definitely helping. I didn’t buy the goat hair brush, but I did buy that prinz brush, that natural bristle dandy dust brush and the natural mixed bristle dandy brush. I really like all of them. I also have a big problem with dust in my horses’ fuzzy winter coat and his current half shed out coat. The dandy brushes really make a difference.

    Glad Eli is regaining his appetite and it sounds like he had a good birthday.

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    1. I have had similar success with these brushes with getting dust out of Eli’s coat. I know they work in that regard because my baby pad comes off of Eli much cleaner-looking now. That can’t be a coincidence.


      1. I agree 100%. My horse is still a little fuzzy with his winter coat, so it’s still pretty difficult to get rid of all the dust. The natural bristle dandy brushes and the prinz make a big difference. I’m still at the point of using a moistened goat hair brush (not Leistner) or a moistened sheepskin mitt to get all of the dust off. I’m confident that when he’s completely shed out I won’t need to do that.

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