One of Eli’s Birthday Presents

Okay, sure, all Eli really wants is apples. And grass. The birthday presents I’m getting for him, while beneficial to him in the context of his job, are arguably not “fun” presents for him as much as they are for me. But he’s getting them anyway, because they are things that benefit him.

BoTQWsRiding Warehouse had a sale on all things Back on Track, so I picked up a set of quick wraps in a size for Eli’s fronts since I already have the hinds. Let me take a minute here to say how much I appreciate Riding Warehouse. Fast, free shipping and the product includes a return label just in case. Plus SALE on Back on Track. Thanks, RW!

I have had a good experience with the quick wraps I use on Eli’s hinds, so I am looking forward to having a set to use on his fronts. I just throw them on about a half hour before riding and they reduce Eli’s windpuffs. My next thing on my Back on Track wish list is the sheet, but that is a pricier investment that may have to wait a bit longer.

Eli has two more presents coming his way, and one of them should be here very soon! The other one is custom and I’m not sure what the current turnaround is.

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  1. I love Back on Track, and I love RW. After a recent experience with making returns to companies that aren’t RW, I think I have decided that if RW doesn’t carry it, I don’t need it. (I also loved the bumper sticker they sent with my recent order, I think its going on my tack box for sure!)

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