Horses as Magical/Mythical Beasts

We call them dragons. We call them unicorns. Yet they are all so individual. Pretty sure mine is actually a basilisk.

Snaky neck:

springtime walk from rennikka on Vimeo.

Elements of rooster:

shipping quilts strut from rennikka on Vimeo.

Side-eye is actually the deadly gaze:

buggyAnd I think I knew a pony in my youth who was most definitely a leprechaun.

Who has a manticore? Anybody riding Charybdis around xc? Piaffing on the Kraken? We can’t all have dragons because that’s boring.

12 thoughts on “Horses as Magical/Mythical Beasts

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  1. Haha. They’re so funny with standing wraps behind. And that neck does go on forever!
    I think Val would probably be a hippogriff. He’s definitely got the ego, he can be kind of fierce and intense, but he’s also super loyal, and he loves flying (over jumps).

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