Weenie Wednesday: Treats

walkiesConrad is a known rabbit killer. And eater. While I have curbed his hunting of wild rabbit, I try to satiate his fancy for the taste. To that end, I have found some treats worth sharing.

deliciousrabbitI discovered both of these treats at my local Tomlinson’s. I had been feeding him Orijen treats, but after his bout of pancreatitis, I needed options with lower fat content.

rabbitandducktreatsThe Smiling Dog ones I tried first, and Conrad basically went apeshit over them. So that’s a yes. Plus they have a lot lower fat content than the Orijen treats, which are liver-based, and run into almost half being comprised of fat. The Smiling Dog treats, as you can see, run at 6% crude fat. Plus look at the ingredients. That’s it. Four things, all food. I mean, I don’t know what part of the duck, or what part of the rabbit, but as far as rabbit goes, Conrad is happy to eat any and all of it.

Which brings me to the Hare of the Dog treats.

bunnyeatsRabbit jerky, made of all of the rabbit. Conrad LOVES. They are a bit higher in fat at 22%, so he does not get these daily, but really does love them, and they satisfy his chewing urges for at least 30 seconds. (Don’t laugh. That’s a legit accomplishment for a dachshund fur mom.)

I would still recommend Orijen treats as high quality, great treats, but since we needed a lower fat content treat, I was happy to find these excellent options.

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