Slowest Speed Round

Admittedly, Eli and I could go faster than we did, but then turning would have been more difficult. Until I get his turns ironed out, which may never happen, we will go for clean instead of fast in speed rounds. I also would have liked to release more through the combination, but it was a bit tight and I didn’t want to munch the oxer, either.

Thank you to Meggan for the use of her phone, Jensen for filming, and Anton and Andy for the beverages. Also, the sound on this video is pretty funny–everyone wants to be my horse because all of his things are padded. They also started cheering before the last fence! The video ends right as I’m jumping the last fence.

speed class 030516 from rennikka on Vimeo.


14 thoughts on “Slowest Speed Round

  1. you guys look great!! i will always prefer a clean and accurately-ridden course to any alternatives that are ‘fast’ but not much else lol. (tho i also have like, zero instinct for the jumpers haha). congrats on a solid round!

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