Fighting Entropy

Things fall apart if you let them. Between the waiting and the seeing lies an agonizingly endless chasm of unknowing which I HATE. Some people can live in limbo like this, paralyzed by the possibilities and functioning like an automaton through the trivial tasks of daily life. Like Edith from Downton Abbey. Seriously Edith, all your misery is your own doing. Apologize to your sister and live with the consequences of your actions, or rather your failures to act. Hamlet also suffered this malady, although much more eloquently.


This did not feel like enough.

So what I’m actually trying to say is I called the vet anyway. The swelling on Eli’s LF felt much too hot Monday night even after cold hosing for 20 minutes while the rest of Eli’s leg was stone cold. I can characterize it as nothing short of magic that I got a same-day appointment for imaging on Tuesday when I called.

BoTPolosEli is sound, and the swelling is basically bruising. No restrictions on turnout or work. Relatively easy treatment, if a bit messy. Things will hold together for a little bit longer, and that’s not a guess anymore.

WednesdaynightlightsFortunately, Wednesday evening he felt every bit as sound as ever, and after a little trot, and some big forward cantering, we worked on a more disciplined, engaged, purposeful trot, partly because lately after cantering if I ask Eli to continue working he’s thinking WE JUMP NOW YES. I love his enthusiasm, but he doesn’t get to pick. I’m deciding today after a jump school about whether to show, but it’s looking highly probable.


“why work, cookie lady?”

Even if I don’t show, I see no reason not to go. Plus a few of the other amateurs and I have already planned out who is bringing what so we can eat and drink well throughout the day and I would not want to let them down.


Improvement, thank you BoT

The more I use them, the more I love the Back on Track products. For a list of great reviews of the stuff, check out Equestrian at Hart’s post. I’ll be reviewing the tee shirt next week.

23 thoughts on “Fighting Entropy

  1. My parents and siblings are obsessed with Downton, but I’ve never seen a single episode.

    Regardless, I’m glad that Eli’s swelling is nothing serious, and good luck at the show this weekend! PS, I always love pictures of him tacked up while wearing his fly mask; he always looks like he’s about to do some serious business.

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  2. Glad he’s doing well and it’s nothing serious.
    I want to show with grown-ups and eat and drink well all day! I most just have kids showing with me. They do have parents, but it’s not the same.

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