That time I rode like I ride and Eli jumped like he jumps —

— Because “Status Quo” is a boring title.

Eli and I lessoned over a few courses on Saturday, and I realized watching the video that it was a classic example of the Eli and Karen partnership.

160213Schooling from rennikka on Vimeo.

The play by play: Misread the pace as too slow and moved up right past the distance to the skinny. This will never not happen. Rode the line nicely, rode a bit to strung out to the triple bar but Eli loves a gap so I closed my leg and hoped it would work and it did. Strung out on other side and glad we didn’t die, therefore missed a lead. Collected up a bit going to the wall (that Eli had only just jumped today and he was a little bit suspicious of it) and got to a planned deep distance and Eli stared the thing down even in the air. Cruising to the in-and-out but first Eli spooks a little at Gizmo the dog so I leg him though and we get big and ugly, making 36′ tight. Finish with nice efforts and an okay turn in between for the last two jumps. Yeah, that’s pretty much what we do when we jump.

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    1. His face is completely healed, so he doesn’t need it. However, he seems to like it, and I wish I could clearly explain why I think that … he just seems less fussy in it, especially on colder or windy days. I’m tempted to monogram it at this point.


  1. Where you guys are good, you look great, and even your-not so-good is pretty good. I too suffer from the “not enough, better move up, shoot missed it” issue. It’s those long canters to a single that get me every time.

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  2. you guys make it look easy! i am queen of misjudging the pace for our first fence or two (or three……) but like you say, it’s never gonna not happen lol. those jumps look super fun!!

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