Weenie Wednesday: Wardrobe Tour

Wardrobe is kind of a weird word, huh? But Conrad doesn’t have a closet. He has drawers of stuff. And things on top of the drawers.

topofhiswardrobeTreats, sweaters, harnesses and his leash reside atop his drawers of stuff.

clothesdrawer1clothesdrawer2Then he’s got more sweaters, tee shirts, and a few jackets in the drawers.

antlersandharnessesAnd more drawers, with more harnesses and antlers I have yet to give over to him. Got to sort his teeth first.

moreharnessesBut ultimately he’s naked most of the time, especially for eating. He will literally wait for me to take off all of his stuff after a walk before he will go to his food to eat.


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