Back in Form

Saturday, I rode Eli after his little spa day break, and he felt SO MUCH better — tracking straighter and moving easily off my leg. However, it was so freaking windy! I didn’t do too much because riding in that kind of wind makes it much harder to tell what is going on underneath you.

Sunday, I let Eli go in the round pen, and he cantered easily on either lead. By this time, I was feeling pretty confident that I had done the right thing with his maintenance.

Monday night, the damn near gale force gusts had died to nothing, and Eli had a ton of energy to burn. He willingly channeled that energy into work. I meant to take dramatic night time pictures, but I forgot a jacket and concerned myself with staying warm and getting back into the barn after riding. So all you get is Eli grazing on autopilot on Sunday.

autopilotWe do have a small schooling show coming up on March 5. As long as we get around a few courses at home between now and then I think we’ll be okay.

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