When Your Horse Fails to Appreciate …

… things you’re doing to try to help him and make him feel better and he shows his utter contempt and lack of gratitude by trying to kick his vets. Yep, both vets on the same day and more than once. And no, not just halfhearted cow kicking but the wholehearted, haunches in the air kind. I think I said, “my horse is so embarrassing” eight or nine times. Fortunately Eli missed every time and got smacked. And he is now maintained. At least, I hope he is for a little while (we’ll see how he feels Saturday–he’s off until then). I remind myself and y’all how he makes up for his antics …

anothervideostill… that is, he ALWAYS jumps, no matter how much I get in his way.

But I do have little more to add to this post … since Equestrian at Hart posted on January splurges I thought it’d be fun to share my own modest spoils of steep discounts and need for right shoulder relief…

packandshirtsSoooo my right shoulder is a mess, and it has been REALLY sore for over a month now. Admittedly, I’m not exactly resting it, and only doing periodic heat therapy. I opted to finally pick up the well-padded Noble Outfitters Ringside Back Pack to carry riding gear in and retire my other gear bags from daily use. I also bought an unfortunately not-at-all discounted Back on Track v-neck fitted tee to see if it does for my shoulder what the BoT polos do for Eli’s windpuffs. Less for my shoulder and more for my shopping addiction, I managed to find a STEEPLY discounted nwt emerald plaid Le Fash shirtย (giving the brand one more go) in the size I wanted to try out. It can do double duty as a work shirt, and sizing up gives me a fit I prefer.

nwteisLast, courtesy of fellow blogger of Now that’s the Spot posting to ETT on Facebook, I now have the mandarin EIS. My Superbowl Sunday riding outfit will be this shirt with navy breeches. Love you, DeMarcus Ware.

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  1. girl, get thee to acupuncture. i have a chronic pinched nerve under my right scapula and acupuncture is the ONLY way to treat a flare. lemme know if you want a recommendation, though i’m sure yelp can help you find one in your neck of the woods!

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