Red Carpet/In-Gate Ready

Sooooo… SprinklerBandits posted some truly atrocious worst-dressed candidates for the equine world in honor of Oscar season, and it made me … twitchy … at best. I had to go look at pretty riding clothes immediately. Styling a show outfit for the jumper ring is something I play with daily, so may I present to you a counterpoint to the worst-dressed post: the best-dressed! I tried to stay somewhat realistic as far as cost and availability–as much as I wanted to share a $2,000 Gucci hunt coat with you all, what would be the point of that other than reducing me to tears?

First up, the show shirt options… SporthorseLifestyleHudsonShowShirtThe Hudson Show Shirt from Sport Horse Lifestyle has elbow patches. Done.

CallidaeShowShirtAnd then there’s this brand of exquisite tailoring and understated elegance … wear the Callidae Show Shirt with a discreet ribbon detail as your base and no one will take issue with your fashion choices.

Next, you need pants. Breeches, to be exact.

AnnaScarpatiThis is a wallpaper-free zone. While the Anna Scarpati breeches are out of my breeches budget, a girl can still dream. Note the chevron knee grip patches, because CHEVRONS.

Breeches that barely squeak in under my breeches budget are out there, and they are, of course …

GhoDhoWhitesThe GhoDho Pandora show breeches.

Now, depending on the dress code in your jumper classes (Standard, Proper, or Formal), you may or may not need a show jacket. I have some ideas for you.

HaywardRibbonJacketI’m a little bit in love with the Hayward Ribbon Jackets. Ribbons in practically any color for subtle matchy-matchy vibes! And they are on sale right now …

But I have also always wanted a brown hunt coat.

Sarm-Hippique-VerbaniaThank you, Sarm Hippique, for answering my wishes in cappuccino-hued style. I could gaze upon this jacket for hours. HOURS.

Next, we need some tall boots. So, you know that scene in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off when Cameron’s dad’s Ferrari–a very rare and special Ferrari–is introduced, and music starts playing, and Ferris starts speaking in Italian?

TucciRossiniYeah. That. But Brown Tuccis.

On the more affordable side of the spectrum, Ego 7 tall boots have caught my eye. Also Italian.

EGO7OrionOf course, to literally top it all off, we must wear a helmet. GPA has been innovating lately, and came out with the Redline helmets:

GPARedlinefirst_lady_4sI wish more accent colors other than just red were available, but other than that I really like the look of this Redline First Lady.

I hope this has healed the hurt done to your eyes by all the ugly. Happy shopping!


27 thoughts on “Red Carpet/In-Gate Ready

  1. That Sporthorse Lifestyle shirt is super cute, but I worry that they elbow patches could be annoying under a jacket. I wish somewhere local carried them so I could try one on! But also, drooling over brown tuccis.

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  2. I really like Equine Couture’s shirts. I have a couple of them that I wear for every day occasions as well as under my show coat. The coats that you posted are really pretty. I wish I had the hour glass figure that could pull of wearing something like that with nice jeans.

    Liked by 1 person

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